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The Inspiration Station Committee is actively seeking subcommittee members to serve on one or more subcommittees. Members are active workers, accomplishing monthly goals that are outlined in the development plan. Members will need to be able to provide at least one hour a month at a meeting, and other hours throughout the month accomplishing tasks outlined at the monthly meeting. If you, or someone you know is interested, complete the form and we’ll be in touch!

Fundraising Subcommittee

The purpose of the fundraising committee is to put into action the fundraising needed to develop the museum. This function includes identifying potential donors/grants/sponsorships, meeting with potential donors, and applying for/meeting with potential grantors and sponsors, identifying events that will support donor relations and furthering the cause through community funds, as lead by the chair. This committee should include a minimum of five members, no maximum

Community Relations Subcommittee

The purpose of the community relations committee is to execute the community relations plan that will further awareness of Inspiration Station. This includes, but is not limited to attendance and participation at community, school and other event-based activities, outreach to groups, schools and others, as well as social media, newsletter, awareness events and other marketing tactics that are community based. This committee should include a minimum of five members, no maximum.

Exhibit & Facility Development Subcommittee

The facility and exhibit development committee is designed to provide construction and/or project management oversight to the physical development of the space and/or exhibits within. The purpose of this committee is specific to construction and committee members must have relevant knowledge and/or experience in construction, project management, or a related field that allows for in-depth knowledge of the construction and development processes. This committee should include a minimum of one member and a maximum of three members.

Education Subcommittee

The education committee's purpose is to fully understand the educational needs in our county, the opportunity the museum has to support the educational needs, and how to implement exhibits, programs and other community enrichment activities that align to the educational goals of the schools. Members of this committee should have an education background, and have a good relationship with several area schools, as well as understand the demands on parents, teachers, and students. Members should approach all parts of their role with the educational mindset first and foremost, and work to guide all other Inspiration Station committee members to understand the educational implications of the museum. This committee should include a minimum of three members and maximum of five members.

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